VOCO x-tra base - Caps 16 x 0,25 g
Price: 1300.0 EGP

Fast Bulk Fill Flowable Posterior Composite
Cure 4mm in 10 sec

  • Base for class I and II cavities
  • Cavity liner under direct restorative materials in class I and II cavities
  • Small, non occlusal stress-bearing class I restorations according to minimally invasive filling therapy
  • Class III and V restorations
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Undercut blockout
  • Repair of small enamel defects
  • Repair of small defects in aesthetic indirect restorations
  • Repair of temporary C&B-materials
  • Core build-up

  • 4 mm cure in 10 sec. saves time (Universal shade)
  • Low shrinkage stress allows bulk fill speed
  • Smart self-leveling properties without slumping out of maxillary restorations
  • High Radiopacity (350 %Al) for easy x-ray idetification
  • Non-dripping NDT-Syringe technology
  • Unit dose caps with extra long bendable needle tip
  • Available in Universal and A2 shade